We reached our goal because of YOU!

Your Giving Tuesday support will help BSF do #MOREin2020, helping people with Barth syndrome around the world.

2020 is a milestone year for BSF. We celebrate our 20th anniversary and will hold the 10th International SciMed and Family Conference, providing a platform that has been called “pivotal”, “groundbreaking”, and “exemplary.” By inviting members of FDA and industry to participate alongside clinicians, researchers, patients and caregivers in a patient-focused drug development meeting, we uncovered the priorities of our patient community, and are on a diligent path to provide therapies that will improve lives, improve standards of care and advance research. The 2020 conference will continue to revolutionize the way we bring research to the community by creating on-site research pathways.

For the first time in the history of Barth Syndrome Foundation, treatments are within reach. Research that has been cultivated in the lab for decades is translating to humans.

Our commitment to save lives and to create a world where there is no longer suffering caused by Barth syndrome is stronger than ever, and we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 

GT 2019 Infographic