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2020 is a milestone year for BSF. Not only are we celebrating our 20th Anniversary as a foundation, we will also hold the 10th International SciMed and Family Conference, the cornerstone program for advancing our mission. Our biennial conference has been called “pivotal”, “groundbreaking”, and “exemplary” by both FDA officials and renowned Barth clinicians.

We continue to refine the priorities of our patient community, and are on a diligent path to provide therapies that will improve lives, improve standards of care and advance research. The 2020 conference, #BARTH2020, will revolutionize yet again the way we support and inform our community by creating on-site research pathways, providing a platform for collaboration, and importantly, offering support to individuals with Barth syndrome and their families. 

"From the beginning, BSF has been our repository for medical advice and research. But it has become so much more...Being on this journey together as a family provides us with the support we need and the hope to forge onward." --Rosemary Baffa, mom

For the first time ever, treatments are within reach. Research that has been cultivated in the lab for decades is translating to humans through clinical trials.

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